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Snapshots of the factpacks of particular bots, including the famous purl and url.

Spot the Bot Contest!
Take out your cameras or your sketch pads and see if you can find a face to go with bots...

Patches and Extensions
Have a look-see. We're archiving, organizing, perhaps even asciibetically sorting enhancements and patches for the infobot.

Welcome to!
This is the sourceforge site for Infobot, a daemon module in Perl. It is currently the official home for Infobot. The old home only has the old releases. Here you will find the current Subversion Tree which you can Browse. You might want to browse the wiki to see if anything comes of it. Check the RecentChanges for example.
Infobot Guide
A rough and slightly out of date guide to the infobot. It'll let you know how to interact and teach the bot new tricks. Note: this is only for versions prior to 0.49.
Download Source
Get the latest version, or get an older version. This does require that perl is installed, and some optional modules for some of the functions to work.
Mailing List
We just started archiving the developers mailing list. You can subscribe to the infobot development mailing list by sending email to: With the single line "subscribe infobot-dev" in the email.
We've got some contributed factpacks listed. Factpacks are nice chunks of information to make your infobot smart, right outa the gate.
Contributions Welcome - again!
If there's anything infobot-related you'd like to put here, contact Tim Riker. Kevin Lenzo is now at Cepstral, LLC and not actively participating in the Infobot project.
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